When I see these red alert buttons, I get excited and head on over there to see what it promises, something good, a reward perhaps or a really badass challenge!  It’s like “Tree-mail” is to Survivor contestants.” My problem is, that no matter what I think will reset them, like clicking each individual link, heading over there for a read, like or subscribe, put another way, I reciprocate their actions.  I’m certain, that I am not the first one to query this and perhaps I just like a neat page, or perhaps it’s my security background drawing my attention to “Red lights” maybe I’m a bit O.C.C.D.  It is probably put there for that specific purpose, (Getting attention) I don’t know but it’s making me a bit F.O.L.O. and, can someone please explain the two figures under finance, the one on the left goes way up, then way down and the one on the right seems to emulate the other one, only slower?? Banner Image courtesy of flickr.comPersonal screenshotGif. of Jim Carey- unknown?Senior with giant weed toke-unknown.



"Freedom of the mind is the truest form…a cognizant act to enfold the unexplored." Quote by: Andre G Hartslief I write motivational articles and coach people to be all that they can be.

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