Hong-Kong Fengshui Master Declares Abundance For All In February 2017

It sure doesn’t seem as though we will see the returns of every investment we make into the health and wealth aspect of our lives will return our bodies and bank balances to their former unparalleled healthy stature, anytime soon. A man in 1912, barely weeks after the Titanic was fatally gouged open by an iceberg and subsequently suffering the unthinkable fate of sinking, was asked by his daughter:”Papa, how is it, that the ship sank, being termed unsinkable?”  To which he answered, as he dismissively returned his attention to the financial section of his morning paper: “and so, my child, is every other ship called ‘unsinkable”, until she sinks.” A recent email is doing the rounds, that a certain Fengshui Master, in Hong Kong, declared, that this February of 2017, won’t come again in our lifetime. This is because, February 2017, has some rather unique features, in that it has the following:(1.) 4 Sundays(2.) 4 Mondays(3.) 4. Tuesdays(4.) 4. Wednesdays(5.) 4. Thursdays(6.) 4. Fridays(7.) 4. SaturdaysThis unique compilation occurs only once every 823 years and the Fengshui, name for the month is “money bags” So, until this legend is disproven, we may as well take it to heart and spread some good cheer amongst our family and friends, who we know, are going through hard times by making the magic legend, of abundance, become real, if only within their lives. Images are CC0 Public domain.Original Work!Originality: 100%This writing demonstrates no signs of plagiarism.

Source: Hong-Kong Fengshui Master Declares Abundance For All In February 2017


Hello, my name is Andre’ Hartslief. I finally discovered, that man’s whole purpose in life, is not to do the right things in life or to be good, to be successful or famous. Our entire purpose in life is to express divinity through every one of us. How we do that, is by transforming ourselves completely, from an old state of existence to a new state and when we start removing those limitations. It is only, then, that the intelligence which gives us all life, namely, the source, begins to express itself unbridled through us.

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