Existence ? , God ? , Hmmm ?

 Too many questions remain within the universe , let alone our planet and existence . No one truly knows how large the universe is . I sure as hell didn’t . Till I looked at it threw the NET !!! We are naive to think we are IT. No one really understands LIFE here , let alone in space .  There is no GOD , it is a belief , a faith that gives contentment to individuals within that faith . Don’t get me wrong , belief is powerful . There a people here on Earth the have done things believed to be impossible , with their minds . There have even been people that have gone beyond the strength that we believed possible . Some have seen future events with belief , etc , etc . The mind.. , hmm !! , we can’t even figure it out . So… Existence ? , life in other galaxies , on other planets , our existence… , Is proof !!  Then again , is it ? We’ve found the same primordial goo believed to be where life sprouted from here , on an asteroid in space .    Our existence on this planet , is the next question , are we from , another ??? Questions abound !!!In the last 100 years our population has multiplied , 3 fold and more . Back then 2.2 billion , 7 Billion people plus now .  We’re running out of space and food etc here , so where do we have to go ? , Hmm ? , Space .  We’ve gone from riding horses to exploring the universe , standing on our moon , exploring other worlds , and the Galaxy with robots .  HMM ?   How long have we been here ?   Why only in the last 150 years  ? give or take .  Too many question ?  My thought , HMMM ?We have been visited , by E.T.’s . This has been told in many messages , of the past evolutions of humankind . ( Apollo , Thor , Zeus , and Egyptian Gods all were said to descend from the heavens upon his chariot of fire.) HMM ? A Rocket ship  ???   I think we have found , or acquired a spaceship , and we have been backward engineering it , since its find . Star Trek and many other movies will be reality within a half a Millennia , sorry Star Trek’s already here . ( flip phones, Hmm ? // Scotty beam me up , or talking on screens as communication . HMM? ) anything ringing a bell ? and that was in the 50’s , 60’s and 70’s . What year is it ?  Hmm ? Now over the years , these visits have decreased  , because of our advancements , along with our shoot first , figure it out later attitude . We have achieved too much in too short of a time , but the acceptance of E.T.’s ? Human kind is still 100’s of years away , 300 to 500 at least .  Space and life amongst the stars , is the greatest achievement that we ( Human Kind ) will ever achieve , and we are working on it !!!There are too many questions , that have yet , to be answered  ??? You say prove to me there isn’t a god !!! , I say prove there is !!!   You Can’t Either !!!                                                                                                       

Source: Existence ? , God ? , Hmmm ?


"Freedom of the mind is the truest form…a cognizant act to enfold the unexplored." Quote by: Andre G Hartslief I write motivational articles and coach people to be all that they can be.

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