Existence ? , God ? , Hmmm ?

 Too many questions remain within the universe , let alone our planet and existence . No one truly knows how large the universe is . I sure as hell didn’t . Till I looked at it threw the NET !!! We are naive to think we are IT. No one really understands LIFE here , let alone in space .  There is no GOD , it is a belief , a faith that gives contentment to individuals within that faith . Don’t get me wrong , belief is powerful . There a people here on Earth the have done things believed to be impossible , with their minds . There have even been people that have gone beyond the strength that we believed possible . Some have seen future events with belief , etc , etc . The mind.. , hmm !! , we can’t even figure it out . So… Existence ? , life in other galaxies , on other planets , our existence… , Is proof !!  Then again , is it ? We’ve found the same primordial goo believed to be where life sprouted from here , on an asteroid in space .    Our existence on this planet , is the next question , are we from , another ??? Questions abound !!!In the last 100 years our population has multiplied , 3 fold and more . Back then 2.2 billion , 7 Billion people plus now .  We’re running out of space and food etc here , so where do we have to go ? , Hmm ? , Space .  We’ve gone from riding horses to exploring the universe , standing on our moon , exploring other worlds , and the Galaxy with robots .  HMM ?   How long have we been here ?   Why only in the last 150 years  ? give or take .  Too many question ?  My thought , HMMM ?We have been visited , by E.T.’s . This has been told in many messages , of the past evolutions of humankind . ( Apollo , Thor , Zeus , and Egyptian Gods all were said to descend from the heavens upon his chariot of fire.) HMM ? A Rocket ship  ???   I think we have found , or acquired a spaceship , and we have been backward engineering it , since its find . Star Trek and many other movies will be reality within a half a Millennia , sorry Star Trek’s already here . ( flip phones, Hmm ? // Scotty beam me up , or talking on screens as communication . HMM? ) anything ringing a bell ? and that was in the 50’s , 60’s and 70’s . What year is it ?  Hmm ? Now over the years , these visits have decreased  , because of our advancements , along with our shoot first , figure it out later attitude . We have achieved too much in too short of a time , but the acceptance of E.T.’s ? Human kind is still 100’s of years away , 300 to 500 at least .  Space and life amongst the stars , is the greatest achievement that we ( Human Kind ) will ever achieve , and we are working on it !!!There are too many questions , that have yet , to be answered  ??? You say prove to me there isn’t a god !!! , I say prove there is !!!   You Can’t Either !!!                                                                                                       

Source: Existence ? , God ? , Hmmm ?


Hello, my name is Andre’ Hartslief. I finally discovered, that man’s whole purpose in life, is not to do the right things in life or to be good, to be successful or famous. Our entire purpose in life is to express divinity through every one of us. How we do that, is by transforming ourselves completely, from an old state of existence to a new state and when we start removing those limitations. It is only, then, that the intelligence which gives us all life, namely, the source, begins to express itself unbridled through us.

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