For NIUME Dunces Like Me…

Did you know, that an entire lost universe exists on planet NIUME, lost to me till now, from all the dunces of the world, I have been searching high and apparently not low enough, for a way to communicate with management and have missed the backend section on NIUME, entirely. Well, I  now feel as though I had struck gold when I ventured a click on the word Blog at the foot of my NIUME page. There it was, everything about where to, and how to get in touch with our management team. Plus a ton of other UBER important stuff. NIUME HEADQUARTERS I SEE…Here are a few of the treasures I found there: LINK: Link: Link: Link: Link: were many more posts found and I strongly advise visiting the page at least daily.Posted by: Tranquilpen©

Source: For NIUME Dunces Like Me…


"Freedom of the mind is the truest form…a cognizant act to enfold the unexplored." Quote by: Andre G Hartslief I write motivational articles and coach people to be all that they can be.

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