“Do not let another day go by where your dedication to other people’s opinions is greater than your dedication to your own emotions!” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being FreePut up your hand if you’ve ever been told to quit apologizing so much. Okay great!Now raise your other hand if you have just said “I’m sorry” again! WE SEEM “CHRONICALLY HOT-WIRED” TO FAIL!I purposely use the descriptive word chronically hot-wired because it somehow seems to be stuck in our brain like a default mental program. In the commercials, people literally push a big red button that says“Easy,” and “magically” everything will work out just “perfectly”. however, in the real situation, when you say:”I’m sorry,” you leave it stuck on default, thinking it’s going to make everything alright again, by itself.Strangely, that method never does what we are trying to achieve with the statement, though. ONLY WHEN YOU SEE YOUR PROBLEM-YOU CAN CHANGE!I sincerely want you to know, that you aren’t alone in this as I’ve been a “chronic apologizer” for the best part of my life and I’ll bet youare too, to a large extent. I say this because you responded to this headline, and you are still here, reading about the problem, which couldn’t have been written any plainer. YOU MUST FIND THE “REAL” YOUWell, my good news is this, I read an article last Saturday which was so empowering, it flipped the whole chronic apology thing onto its head.In the article, the writer simply suggested replacing the apology which is negative, even subjective into a complimentary and uplifting statement. SEE YOUR NEW WALK OF LIFESo, I’ve been working hard at replacing my “I’m sorry”s lately with “thank you’s”. Instead of saying I’m late” I’ll say “thanks for waiting here for me” or instead of saying sorry for being such a fool, I’ll say “thank you for genuinely caring about me and for loving me.” BREAK FREE FROM YOUR NEGATIVE SELF IMAGENot only is this altering the way I feel and think about myself, my relationships with other people have noticeably improved as well and people now receive my gratitude instead of my negativity. Content was written by Tranquilpen© 2017Images are public domain not needing attribution:



Hello, my name is Andre’ Hartslief. I finally discovered, that man’s whole purpose in life, is not to do the right things in life or to be good, to be successful or famous. Our entire purpose in life is to express divinity through every one of us. How we do that, is by transforming ourselves completely, from an old state of existence to a new state and when we start removing those limitations. It is only, then, that the intelligence which gives us all life, namely, the source, begins to express itself unbridled through us.

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