Who Wants To Live to 120?

Doctors at Harvard, Stanford, and other prestigious universities agreewe could all soon live this long!I have come across a new scientific discovery that claims, they can now exponentially boost this bodily molecule and add 20, to even 40 healthy, vibrant years to your life. Besides that, it can have a dramatic effect on your energy, immunity, pain tolerance and brainpower as well. As your body grows healthier and more energized, you can actually “feel” it happening… your brain starts firing on all neurons… your skin becomes younger-looking… as your body returns to a level you haven’t seen since your twenties!It all starts with fixing your Glutathione deficient body molecules that are setting you up for a feeble and sickness ridden, “old age”, making you feel rotten as you are reading this post right here on Niume…Here’s how you can do it while enjoying the same lifeforce as someone HALF your age… ARE THEY 64 OR 84?I know it sounds as far fetched as science fiction, it did to me, until I started doing my own research into the finding by various international authoritative institutions and their pioneering anti-aging scientists who are making the actual claims in this article, what they all now say, is, that it’s entirely possible to live to 120 and longer and even better, staying active, vibrant and healthy and not get robbed of your independence! Dr. Russell Canfieldis a practicing integrative family physician who is specializing in anti-aging and wellness medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is focusing on wellness and anti-aging medicineand is certified by both the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and the American Board of Family Medicine.After the conventional medicines system has failed them, many patients go to him. They all have one major desire, to free themselves of health problems that are robbing them of their precious vitality and life force. They want to avoid life-threatening, overpriced drugs… and to add many more healthy years to their lives. His groundbreaking treatmentis all about boosting their Glutathione body molecule levels. Due to this life-transforming Glutathione boosting breakthrough, his patience can dial back their life clocks by 20 years in as little as 28 days—and become visibly younger before their very eyes.Here are other key the researchers who have been at the heart of the findings in my anti-aging post:

Source: Who Wants To Live to 120?


Hello, my name is Andre’ Hartslief. I finally discovered, that man’s whole purpose in life, is not to do the right things in life or to be good, to be successful or famous. Our entire purpose in life is to express divinity through every one of us. How we do that, is by transforming ourselves completely, from an old state of existence to a new state and when we start removing those limitations. It is only, then, that the intelligence which gives us all life, namely, the source, begins to express itself unbridled through us.

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