About Me

My name is Andre’ Hartslief and I live in sunny South Africa.

I started becoming fascinated with the Internet when I retired at 60. I can still remember being on Twitter when the news broke about the death of that remarkable star, Whitney Houston. Another memorable moment, I recall was when an author, Jonah Lehrer was caught out, plagiarizing his own work!

Since then, I have set up hundreds of websites and have written many articles and tutorials about the Internet and online business in general.

The Internet had become an incredible tool, I simply had to master and decided to vigorously learn everything I needed to know about it, by reading dozens of books and completing several online courses. After mastering web development I decided to share my knowledge and teaching people about web development by showing them step by step, to create their own websites. I now also teach people about video making, having published 100 marketing and tutorial videos on You Tube.


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