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“Hey buddy, you sure I’mswimming in the right direction? “Yep! I sure am, they told me Miss Piggy is doing her Island gig on Gull Island tonight and youhad better be there this time! Image-pexels.comContent by-Tranquilpen©2017

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Bet You’ve Never Noticed the Typo on this famous Memorial

The Memorial, despite its many merits as a landmark and work of art, enshrines what may just be the greatest blunder in American monument-making history. On May 30, 1922, the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated, the world witnessed how $2,000,000 in federal dollars, 38,000 tons of marble, limestone and granite and eight years of American elbow grease, had finally resulted in something truly spectacular, had resulted in a very, very expensive typo.As you step into the Memorial’s interior and glance at the north wall, to where Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address is chiseled into the stone and delivered on March 4, 1865, which was less than two months after the successful passing of the Emancipation Proclamation the then, war-weary president expressed in his speech, his “high hope for the future” of his drastically changing and bloodied homeland.Except, in the Lincoln Memorial, the engraver tells it another way: “high hopes for the euture.” Visit the Memorial tomorrow and you can clearly see where the bottom of the “E” in “EUTURE” was finally filled in with off-colored stone to become “FUTURE.” Given the money prestige and time behind the Lincoln Memorial project, One might think it outrageous that such an obvious spelling blunder could have made it past so many stakeholders.

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Baby Elephant Snooze #Tranquilzariba

People have this saying that elephants never forget but in my association with elephants, living in South Africa, I have found, in my visiting areas like Kruger National park, Hluhluwe, and various other game reserves, I discovered that in discussions with other nature enthusiasts, people also don’t forget elephants.Daily Baby Elephant Snoozing.IMAGE: Pixabay.comContent-by Tranquilpen©2017

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To my many loyal readers:”May the measuring lines of life, fall unto you in beautiful places!” By: Andre’ G Hartslief aka-TranquilpenOne of my main reasons for feeling honored to have been born here in South Africa is the diverse colors and beauty of the Protea flower.While I was born in Gauteng, (Transvaal) which has its own unrivaled natural beauty, I was privileged to live for some 15 years in the Western Cape amid these splendid flowers in the Langeberg Mountains surrounding the rich wine farmlands of Robertson. THE KINGI wanted to start up this year 2017 (Containing the numeral 7 for abundance)in a colorful way and the best way I could findwas to write an article featuring this noble plant Species. As you noticed, I have featured one of the rarer varieties, while the KING is featured above. FLOWERS ARE PART OF ALL WEDDINGS IN THE WORLD


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Banana Bread and Praying…

Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”-Mathew-19:21I really believe that perhaps to a lesser extent the state of lawlessness prevalent in the world, has always been part of the Human Condition, and it is only because of our ability, to communicate better, that we are more conscious of what is happening globally.For example, it is possible for me to watch President Trump’s public speeches, should I so wish, from literally a few hours ago, right here in South Africa, where I live, via YouTube. Everything a nation does today has noticeable repercussions, good and bad.The planet can theoretically support a maximum of 10 billion people when the food will run out, we are now running at 5.2 billion, give or take. “WHO IS MY BROTHER?, WHO IS MY SISTER?”That’s scary because at the rate we are procreating right now, we will hit that mark much too soon. My country is in a state of anarchy, I know, it may sound like too strong a word, but as a retired person having served in my country’s military intelligence division and looking in retrospect, from a world history point of view, the things happening here now are classic revolutionary signs, of many countries on the brink of going horribly wrong, for whatever reason, immediately before wars broke out, even the global tensions, i.e. Syria, North Korea etc. follow certain historic patterns.Fortunately, it’s not all bad, really, because such dire situations also bring along in its wake, incredible solutions, which would otherwise not have seen the light of day. Of the 100’s of thousands of time and money saving ideas, born under these conditions, one such example comes to mind, I’m of course referring here, to the humble banana loaf which was born during the great depression of 1933 out of scarcity and famine.Housewives wanted to avoid throwing overripe bananas into the trash and struck on turning them into a healthy and nutritious food instead.While no sane person is impervious to the status quo, a considerable portion of my mind is tentatively awaiting the certainty of great news, bound to follow in the course of hard times.In closing, another similar positive outcome is, that, it is precisely during times like these, when mediocre believers are brought down to the one, virtually extinct position, (symbolically), namely, that of remaining in a prostrate position, (kneeling) before the Almighty God.

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Yellow isthe color of sunshine and it is situated in the core of our being. It is where the “I” shines from, where you feel the strength, will and personal power.Yellow is also the human solar plexus chakra color is the primary color, a single ray of light.Yellow is optimistic, vibrant and full of energy. It is the color of new beginnings, youth birth, and re-birth.Yellow is knowledgeable and wise. Yellow connects you with your intellect and knowledge. People who favor yellow are drawn to intellectuality.As the petals of our solar plexus chakra are unfolded, you’ll find a burning fire within you, giving you the energy to assert yourself and standing up for yourself. You find inner worth and trust. This is the healing brilliance of yellow. Image- Nikon D 5000- F-stop: f/5-6Content by-Tranquilpen©2017

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She Wanted Someone Else

Wedded bliss, is having a marriage, more beautiful than your wedding!-Tranquilpen©2017My friend, David, and his wife had only been married for a few months whenshe had to undergo surgery. He was si…

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